Cell Danger Response

‘ This paper is written for non-specialists in mitochondrial biology to provide access to an important area of science that has broad implications for all people.   The cell danger response (CDR) is a universal response to environmental threat or injury.   Once triggered, healing cannot be completed until the choreographed stages of the CDR are returned […]

“Who is our food, and who are we food for?”

“I was a science fiction writer…” is the echo through the space that the person exists in, if that’s what we are — people? People, I think. “Imagine what you think you might be looking at,” she (or he or they continues). “It feels like a story someone’s telling you to entertain you, and then […]

Neonosh Pittsburgh

“Neonosh is a creative tea nosh with a focus on safe meals, emergent culture, and social music. Neonosh Pittsburgh promotes community food security through co-created communications, resilience support for families, and artfully sustainable food systems. Neonosh Pittsburgh host Max Morris shares her notes each week via digital publication or Internet radio broadcast, with support from […]

Hello world!

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!” Do you remember this, too? The first “Hello world!” and then the second, twenty-second, or hundred-and-second repetition for an explorer learning to set up WordPress installations is meaningfully ambient. The ambient meaning exudes: This is a world in which you […]