Gut Media is organizing meals & music in and near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for sample pre-recordings of future Neonosh broadcasts.

To get involved with Neonosh Pittsburgh, email

At a recorded or live broadcast Neonosh gathering, participants share something meaningful or nourishing. We bring co-creative inclination, stories, ideas, art, the making of music, or collaborations to support our meal together (without sweating the details).

Potschke-nosh: To potschke is to putter; we like to potschke while noshing. If you’d like to help organize Gut Media activities or if you’d like community support in your projects, you can join us. (Email to schedule.)

Recording and Facilitation

Neonosh is a pre-recorded program with occasional live broadcasts. Sound samples from our ambient social food, conversation sharing, and music will be compiled into future broadcasts and project releases.

Neonosh audio recording and mobile broadcast resources are provided courtesy of Intuitive Public Radio. Neonosh shared food access, space care, and meal preparation are provided courtesy of Gut Media and Bridge Family Group. Our deepest gratitude. 

About Neonosh

Neonosh is a creative tea nosh with a focus on safe meals, emergent culture, and social music. Neonosh Pittsburgh promotes community food security through co-created communications, resilience support for families, and artfully sustainable food systems.

Neonosh Pittsburgh host Max Morris shares her notes each week via digital publication or Internet radio broadcast, with support from Gut Media, Intuitive Public Radio, and Bridge Family Group. 

Neonosh itself is a mezze meal offering many different small plates — ambient audio samples, community commentary, bitesize PDF zines.

Neonosh gatherings (shared meals) are pre-recorded with collaboratively produced multimedia content, sometimes broadcast live. Contact to share your thoughts, creations, food, art, or music; taste a little something new; discover what nourishes you. 

This program is home fermented, phytase friendly, and full of deep big joy. 

Please accept our invitation to stop by and nosh with us.

(And thank you — for tuning in to our program.)