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Gut.media centers gutsy community contemplation of art, food, & commensality — eating together, that is, and issues of communal digestion.

Gut.media group (or “Gmg”) continually cultures compassionate consideration in communities, coordinates support for people without support, and amplifies that which is intuitive (if invisible).

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About Max Morris

Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris is a survivor of sex trafficking who works in rescue coordination, trafficking mitigation, sexual safety, harm reduction, disability media advocacy, communications infrastructure, space restoration, and community building.

She organizes emergent resources on revitalizing expression, strengths recognition, power differentials, and trust dynamics affecting intimate relationships, family, community, and professional relationships, and works to promote successful evolutionary leadership across communities.

Max’s resource expertise includes individual approaches to self-led recovery from chronic, complex, environmental illness and toxic injury; survival of extreme hardship; trauma languaging; community-supported creative healing modalities; and methods of honoring unique lived experience that drives the creation of professional income streams.

Max also sings opera, makes art, plays instruments, establishes traveling medicinal kitchens, and organizes ambitiously marvelous garden parties featuring illuminatory experiential content about what is called “the social model of disability.” (Worth looking up.)

Her strengths regenerate in relationships and community environments centering awareness and passion for (full consent, intuitive listening-based) rescue aid and related tasks — helping people who need help, especially those who can’t find help anywhere else.

Max deeply loves to make friends of all kinds, especially those with courageous hearts, a keen sense of integrity, a call to adventure, and increasing respect for all living beings.

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Ask how you can learn to behave intuitively and supportively in communities of trauma survivors (here’s a community knowledgebase collecting great answers). This question may have more direct relevance in your life than you currently realize — and increasingly.

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