Changing signals

‘ Chemical, physical, and microbial changes that surround all multicellular life on Earth are translated into changes in mitochondrial structure and function.   These changes in mitochondria are used to signal safety or danger in the cell, alter gene expression, trigger the healing response, and adjust fitness and susceptibility to chronic illness.   These changes even help […]

Sounds and being

Sounds and being are always traveling, especially when we seem otherwise to be perfectly still. Meaningful experience, moving. Thich Nhat Hanh over the IPR. Bits and bytes, multitudinous nourishing transmissions. N. K. Jemisin is describing the entanglement of fear and racism in the personage of H. P. Lovecraft. Media Indigena has a weekly Indigenous current […]

Sine and wave

It has been a very weird back and forth, to and fro, a kind of terrible rocking motion… Trying to grasp at kitchen usage.  Being unable to bear kitchen exposure. All parts must be heard and considered caringly. The part that has been starved. The part that has been force-fed into physical presence and, dare […]

Intuitive Social Kitchen

Wartime medicinal kitchens save the lives of environmental disaster survivors every day. We are building inclusive, accessible, intuitive, community-serving medicinal kitchens based on the emergent specifications shared by members of our communities. With the help of Intuitive Public Radio, we are bringing this resource to your neighborhood — asking you and the people you care […]

Cell Danger Response

‘ This paper is written for non-specialists in mitochondrial biology to provide access to an important area of science that has broad implications for all people.   The cell danger response (CDR) is a universal response to environmental threat or injury.   Once triggered, healing cannot be completed until the choreographed stages of the CDR are returned […]

“Who is our food, and who are we food for?”

“I was a science fiction writer…” is the echo through the space that the person exists in, if that’s what we are — people? People, I think. “Imagine what you think you might be looking at,” she (or he or they continues). “It feels like a story someone’s telling you to entertain you, and then […]