Sounds and being

Sounds and being are always traveling, especially when we seem otherwise to be perfectly still. Meaningful experience, moving.

Thich Nhat Hanh over the IPR. Bits and bytes, multitudinous nourishing transmissions. N. K. Jemisin is describing the entanglement of fear and racism in the personage of H. P. Lovecraft. Media Indigena has a weekly Indigenous current affairs program going out over the airwaves now, part 2 of “The Power Was With Us: Idle No More.” Akilah S. Richards produces the Fare of the Free Child podcast. I’m listening to 156: Resources for Liberation Work. 

How did we find those? We don’t remember, but we can hear them and they catch something inside us that needs the connection.. Listen intuitively; what’s listening intuitively? Listen to the smallest or the most unlikely thing. Listen to the thing that moves you. Listen to the thing that separates you from the crowd, your unique perceptive inclinations, your unmatchable expressions.

The dream you had last night, over the IPR. A bit of “the radio” — the thing people usually mean when they say radio — in the car on your way to an appointment, and who knows what program it was, but the words stuck with you. The song. The idea. The energy. The connection.

You floated away (or flew) but the remnants of nourishment traveled with you.

You stayed connected, spooky action-at-a-distance, because something mattered to you or resonated with you, and even when that snippet of radio drifting across the parking lot is not still, technically, echoing in your ears, you can still hear it. Your intuition told you it was important. Transmission received — you can’t forget it. There was something different about it.

There is something different about you, now that you’ve met with it.

What is sound? What is communication?

Are we vibrating?

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