Sine and wave

It has been a very weird back and forth, to and fro, a kind of terrible rocking motion…

Trying to grasp at kitchen usage. 

Being unable to bear kitchen exposure.

All parts must be heard and considered caringly. The part that has been starved. The part that has been force-fed into physical presence and, dare I say, a kind of artificial immanence. (You are not allowed to die. Starve, but you are not allowed to die. Be here with us and stop talking about being tortured to death…)

For us to talk together and come to understand one another is for us to mend and heal our relationships with food, eating, aliveness, survival, social nourishment, and somatic coherence.

Artificial immanence, wedged into a strange cosmic corner.

Somatic coherence, pieces able to act together.

Material intelligence regained, re-emerging.

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