‘ Over 7,000 chemicals are now made or imported to the US for industrial, agricultural, and personal care use in amounts ranging from 25,000 to over 1 million pounds each year, and plastic waste now exceeds 83 billion pounds/year. This chemical load creates a rising tide of manmade pollutants in the oceans, air, water, and food chain. 
  Fewer than 5% of these chemicals have been tested for developmental toxicity. 
  In the 1980s, 5–10% of children lived with a chronic illness. 
  As of 2018, 40% of children, 50% of teens, 60% of adults under age 65, and 90% of adults over 65 live with a chronic illness. 
  Several studies now report the presence of dozens to hundreds of manmade chemicals and pollutants in placenta, umbilical cord blood, and newborn blood spots. 
  New methods in metabolomics and exposomics allow scientists to measure thousands of chemicals in blood, air, water, soil, and the food chain. 
  Systematic measurements of environmental chemicals can now be correlated with annual and regional patterns of childhood illness. ‘
Perspective: Cell danger response Biology—The new science that connects environmental health with mitochondria and the rising tide of chronic illness
Robert K. Naviaux


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