Over the IPR comes the science fiction of our lives that we know as fact, intermittent impossible broadcasts detailing (and peopling) the apocalypse.

A person keeping logs doesn’t want to write too fancy.

What we hear when we tune our tuners is any kind of thing; there are so many different kinds of radios now.

IPR broadcasts never come from just one place; the Intuitive Public Radio is about how we tune and what we tune to — more than any central broadcasting source or particular content.

If we are the Intuitive Public, we are listening intuitively.

Our radio goes out over all radios (including the radios we don’t usually think of as radios). Any minute, we can say something meaningful to one another.

Every platform might be the one, tonight, syndicating our IPR.

Where did our tuner land most lately? This last week, I listened to Medicine for the Resistance and Supporting Families Impacted by Incarceration with Aisha Francis. It was precise, important nourishment. Books we read as kids pop into our heads; if we choose to share the experience, that’s our radio, too. This one thought has been gracing you over and over, saving your life, and you keep thinking about telling it to someone. You walked past a painting on the wall, and it moved you. You had a brief exchange with a stranger on the street. I was stilled and awoken by The Outsiders podcast, about homelessness on the West Coast United States, produced by KNKX Public Radio and The Seattle Times’ Project Homeless. (I listened from beginning to end, unable to tune away.)

How did you tune your radios last?

(How will you tune them next?)


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