“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!” Do you remember this, too?

The first “Hello world!” and then the second, twenty-second, or hundred-and-second repetition for an explorer learning to set up WordPress installations is meaningfully ambient. The ambient meaning exudes: This is a world in which you can build something — say something — change something — become something new. 

How long did we ever pause to wonder if this were true?

As we have digested our lives, we’ve found the components we’re digesting to be something frequently different from what we thought we’d be digesting, Sometimes we have eaten one another’s lives and never knew we were doing it. (Sometimes, we did know. What was the difference? How could a person tell?)

In our digests, we want to be kinder. We notice the ingredients that strip our souls out through brittle bones of aching chests and we notice when food, family, and community make us stronger. We feel when there is healing amidst us; we feel when we are being wasted away.

Meeting challenges with courage, creating resilience together, more than ever, we get to choose.

Hello, world.

How do we want to digest one another?


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