gut media dreamseum 20190525-130304 I am imagining that the response to my outreach of kindness and hopefulness will be derision and violence. So often that has been the response. What does it mean if that’s the response I receive?

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13 Storm

i’m in the maelstrom and the maelstrom’s in me. g_ bless the maelstrom and g_ bless me.   click. 🙂   🌩️🌪️ I am a lightning storm. 🌪️🌩️ 🌩️🌪️🌊🌊🌩️🌬️🌪️🌬️🌩️🌊🌊🌪️🌩️ *

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“Is that bit quite right?” they asked, and it’ll do. It’s not the very best, but it’s one view and there are many others, surely so. and we will tell their stories, too and honor as we go. *


Bitter, angry. Could be worse. Too cold at night. Too cold all the time. What will happen if I lose food stamps? Can’t remember how I got them in the first place. I have help but it isn’t helpful. No one realizes except us who live here. If you call this living… Friend just moved…


I’m making the most of this. I’m making the most of this. I know I can do it. I know I can survive this. I know I… I know… It’s so hard to know things. But the light is there somewhere, it’s not gone, it’s not dead, it’s just hidden. I will get out of this alive, right?…

Pretty hog

​The truth is, none of them is as strong as you are. You are living in the dying body, and it takes a feat of strength for them to even acknowledge you. That is their courage. To ask them to respond, to act on your behalf, this is too much. They cannot do it. They…

If you tell them you’re dying

…they will say nothing. And why? It is only the meat’s response, someone supposed. It is only the biological drive; it is unusual to see and hear the dying. We become invisible long before our hearts stop beating. Unless we fight to be seen, and heard. *

I have been

“I have been a person begging for help, and begging for help, and begging for help, and no help comes. I have been a person faced with fear and physical danger, waif-thin, bones protruding, insides leaking out — and no doctor can respond except to say, Try this thing that does not work, and yet…

Wash out the clock

“She is watching the scratch crawl along the ceiling. Covertly, imperceptibly, it is moving and it is not telling anyone else. It is only telling her. So she keeps her good eye trained on its movements… wondering… if it might ever reach the wall.” “You’re wrong,” it replies quickly. “You don’t realize it, but that…